“From the moment we started working with VSM, our numbers went up dramatically. Both on Twitter and Facebook, we were immediately given more attention from our constituency and have continued to see growth in our online community since then.
Thanks so much for all your hard work!” 11/4/11

Ilana Schuman-Stoler
Program Assistant
NEW (Nonprofit Enterprise at Work)

“Eric is what you want in a professional today. Established in social media strategy, he also has the IT background to help any company build its business intelligence within every type of e-platform.

To be a successful marketer within social media, you need to be both a student and a teacher. Eric does both well and has really helped customers grow their business in this fast paced world that is so competitive. Eric provides the edge companies need and want. This is the best of both worlds for businesses of any size.” August 23, 2011

Jim Vogel VTR Consulting, LLC

“I first hired Vogel Social Media to get my company (Life Renewals) started on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and was so pleased with the results that I hired him to do my company website. Working with Eric was a real pleasure. He was professional, courteous, responsive and patient. Since it was my first time using a website Eric gently walked me through the process and he was able to take the multiple pieces and suggestions I provided to generate an exciting, focused and beautiful website. I highly recommend Eric to any company looking for someone very pleasant to work with that delivers high quality, professional results.” April 28, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Ruth Reaser Empowerment Coach at Life Renewals, LLC

“I have had the pleasure hearing Eric speak on the topic of Social Media as well as working with him as a service provider for Facebook and web site consulting. Eric is not only an expert, but communicates his ideas well with those without a technical background. Eric cares about his clients as people first and goes above and beyond to get them the results they desire. I would highly recommend working with Eric to optimize your online marketing efforts.” February 19, 2011

Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity
Hired Eric as a Social Media Consultant in 2010, and hired Eric more than once.

Kelly Olin, MHRLR, CPC Owner of Kelly Olin Coaching and Training, LLC

“Eric is a detailed professional who has a passion for what he does. Eric is patient and is good at clearly explaining how his service can expand your business audience. He is great at follow up and follow thru on whatever your Social Network goals are for your business. You will enjoy doing business with him.” December 20, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Gabriella Barthlow Senior Advisor for Alpha Advisory Group

“I hired Eric for his social media consulting services. He was very thorough and passionate in presenting the most current social media tools for Facebook and Twitter to our staff. He educated us on how to use them specifically for our industry. He explained why using social media would greatly increase our branding, customer relationships, and sales. He reviewed the social media profiles we had set up already and tweaked them to be most effective. He also added some great applications directly to our Facebook page that would help with engagement. He showed us how to target specific people we are looking for on Twitter using a specific program. I would recommend Eric to anyone that needs help implementing and understanding social media.” August 29, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results,Expert,Good Value

Todd D. Palmer Owner, Diversified Industrial Staffing Services


“I have been working with Eric Vogel to set up our company’s Social Media marketing strategy and plan. Eric has been extremely helpful in cutting through the clutter and picking out the key areas to focus on. He is able to balance the technical info with the real world realities of making these tools work for us. Eric does not have a one size fits all plan but instead works within your goals and with what you are looking to accomplish.”

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Good Value
I hired Eric as a Business Consultant in 2010 , and hired Eric more than once.

Ken Smith Vice President at Peak Performers, Inc


“Eric has a passion for all things Social Media and has helped my business immensely! I now have several accounts on Twitter, one with over 47,000 followers ( @DramaFreeWork)and a strong presence on Facebook. He taught me the tools to help me be efficient but effective on all of the Social Media sites. I have a brand and a presence that I would not have had without him.

Within two months of adding my first account I got my first radio interview. It was a nationally syndicated show. They found me through my posts. Since, I have been on an international radio call-in show out of Australia, and interviews from California and Norway, have established several great joint venture partnerships, have built my newsletter list.

I highly recommend that every business get a strong presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and more specifically, I recommend hiring Eric Vogel to help you maximize your efforts. He is awesome!”

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert
I Hired Eric as a Business Consultant in 2009 , and hired Eric more than once.

Kirsten E. Ross President, Focus Forward Coaching LLC, Leadership & HR Coach


“I’ve known Eric for just about a year now and can tell you that if you’re looking to up your social media game – this guy can help you do it. In particular his knowledge of Twitter and Facebook exceeds even most super heroes. Want somebody that doesn’t just talk the social media game but walks it – hire Eric.” August 18, 2009

Dan Nichols President , The Institute for Small Business Empowerment LLC


“Eric did a great job on my website and is very knowledgeable on all aspects of social media. He was able to connect me to Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter. I look forward to finding ways to grow my business through these other mediums as well. THE CASE GROUP Douglas M. Clark Principal, Business Development” March 4, 2010

Top qualities while working with Eric: Great Results, Good Value, On Time

Douglas M. Clark Principal, Business Development at The Case Group


“I used Eric’s Social Media expertise for my business. He gave some great ideas on how to bring my business to the next level. Created some sign up forms, gave us presence on twitter, and a better look on facebook. Great results! Thank you Eric.” July 15, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Good Value

Jorge Ventura, President at Ventura Graphix

Kelly Olin audio & written testimonials:
Click to listen to Kelly Olin’s Audio Testimonial


Tedd Case of www.itstixx.com
Tedd Case- It Stixx


I just came across your social media site here.  Dude, you are doing a great job.  Keep it up man.  It was great meeting you this past week.  I like how you are tackling the social media space and teaching others about it. I wish you the best in your business.

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat


Eric – you have some great content, and your AWeber tutorial is exactly what I was looking for. Overall excellent work and best of luck reaching your snowboarding dreams! -Antonio Centeno