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Thinking About Social Media Marketing?

Have you heard the buzz about Social Media Success Summit 2012–the web’s largest online social media marketing conference?

Before I tell you how this virtual summit will help your business gain more exposure, increase traffic, cultivate loyal fans and increase sales, let me share a story with you.

Proof social media marketing works:

In October 2009, Michael Stelzner started Social Media Examiner, a blog for marketers and small business owners. Almost overnight, his site became one of the top business blogs in the world.

He didn’t advertise, didn’t rely on the press and almost none of his traffic came from search engines.

Now, after two years, he has 600,000 unique people visit his site monthly, more than 132,000 email subscribers and 80,000 Facebook fans. His site has become one of the top 1000 in the United States.

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Twitter opens doors to an extraordinary new way to search for jobs in real time right when they are available. Get ahead of the competition now! Learn how in this video tutorial. Let me know how it worked for you or if you have any job searching tips by commenting below.

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twitter direct message

How to send automatic one time direct messages (DM) to new followers on Twitter.

Before I go into how to set up an automatic DM, I’d like to share a few of my thoughts.

First, I do NOT believe in using this feature for sending people directly to sales pages, ads, videos, etc. NO ONE LIKES RECEIVING THESE! IT’S INCREDIBLY ANNOYING AND PEOPLE WILL BLOCK YOU.. INCLUDING ME. It’s called Twitter etiquette : )

Secondly, I DO believe in using this service as a time saver in order to connect further with your audience by reaching out to them through a DM, which gives an added message so you are not forgotten in the mix. It’s another chance for your audience to connect further with you.

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Part 2- Networking Using Twitter


Part 2: Networking Using Twitter

Why Twitter?  Believe it or not, your interests, desires, talents are actually important and interesting to others in the world.  Twitter limits you to 140 characters to express whatever you want through what is called a ‘tweet’. So why should I use this service? Read on…

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How To Use Tweetdeck


Never used TweetDeck before or new to TweetDeck? Check out this video.

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Twitter Search Explained

twitter search

Twitter Search is a great tool to use. I use twitter search to find people talking about a certain topic at that moment in time. It’s powerful because you can get real time information instantly on a topic.

Tweet Grid is also an awesome resource as well. Tweet Grid let’s you set up multiple search topics and see who is tweeting about those specific topics in real time. I personally like to use the New Experimental Layout: 1×4 grid.

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Create A Custom Twitter Background

Twitter Background

Creating a Background Image for your Twitter Profile

Another cool feature that Twitter offers is the ability for you to modify your Twitter background. For example, it allows you to incorporate your blog or website design into your Twitter background. Here are some design layout dimensions that you can work with to create a Twitter background image:

In Photoshop you want to set your dimensions as follows:

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