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How to send automatic one time direct messages (DM) to new followers on Twitter.

Before I go into how to set up an automatic DM, I’d like to share a few of my thoughts.

First, I do NOT believe in using this feature for sending people directly to sales pages, ads, videos, etc. NO ONE LIKES RECEIVING THESE! IT’S INCREDIBLY ANNOYING AND PEOPLE WILL BLOCK YOU.. INCLUDING ME. It’s called Twitter etiquette : )

Secondly, I DO believe in using this service as a time saver in order to connect further with your audience by reaching out to them through a DM, which gives an added message so you are not forgotten in the mix. It’s another chance for your audience to connect further with you.

An example auto DM could be “Looking forward to your tweets and connecting further! Enjoy your day.” Simple and not a sales pitch. The whole point is to show them your excitement about getting to know them more.

An auto DM is also a great way to gain traffic to your Facebook or Website. To do this I would set the DM to say something like: “Thanks for connecting here on Facebook. How about connecting on Facebook as well”

Please keep in mind these are my opinions. I’m not telling you to set up an automatic DM for your account. Do what you feel comfortable with.

Here are the steps to create an automatic direct message that people will receive once they follow you. You can set these up with multiple Twitter accounts if you would like.

***This is now a paid service…
1. Create an account with

2. Go to Social Accounts –> Add New Account –> Add Twitter

3. Enter your Twitter user name and password.

4. The new Twitter account will now be added to (Social Accounts).

5. Go to Manage Accounts then click on ‘edit’ next to the account you


6. Click and check the box next to ‘Auto Welcome’ to activate and send
messages automatically.

7. Edit the ‘Send This Message’ box with your personal automated DM
message that you want sent from that account when someone
follows you. The automatic DM can only be 140 characters
max (including spaces)

8. Click  ‘Save’ and you are done!

Here are a couple more automatic DM services:

If you have any questions please comment below.

Enjoy your day. -Eric