With the increase in consumer usage of all social networks, many opportunities for marketing emerge. Astute businesses must grab these opportunities to connect with their existing customers and draw in new ones. Facebook remains the most prized and most utilized form of social marketing, and for good reason.

Facebook has a gigantic user base, and millions of businesses use this to expand the reach of their advertising. Because it allows businesses to reach potential customers quickly and efficiently, in a place they already spend time, Facebook makes an ideal marketing platform. Successful Facebook ad campaigns must do more than reach the customers, though; they must establish a connection between those customers and the brand.

Before deciding to run a Facebook ad campaign, you have to carefully weigh the costs against the projected results. The skyrocketing costs of advertising can easily kill the effectiveness of the campaign. Many businesses make amateur mistakes, throwing their money away and ruining their business. The following advertising tricks can help you avoid these blunders and get the most of your advertising budget. 

  1. Facebook ad targeting means making sure your advertisements are adjusted for the target audience. Generalized advertising is less effective than advertising geared toward a specific market. This requires some testing, but the results can be dramatic.
  2. Test your advertisements on the basis of CPM (cost per thousand impressions), instead of CPC (cost per click). The CPM model helps you find the most profitable ads and provides you an amazing opportunity to reduce the cost of your Facebook marketing campaign.
  3. The performance of most ad campaigns decline over time, because the cost of reaching additional users increases. Those most receptive to your campaign click the ads early, while those less receptive may take more time to click—meaning you have to run the ad longer, for more money. Hence, you must monitor daily CTR (click through rate). If it’s decreasing, consider eithera different target group or changing your advertisement.
  4. Test your ads’ performance at different times. Ads often perform better at certain times of day. Find those times by turning your ads on and off manually. This requires very close monitoring.
  5. Use a cost per fan model. Facebook allows this because it makes it easy for users to re-share content they like. It means increasing your Facebook fan base increases the probability that your content might go viral on Facebook.
  6. Develop an interesting Reveal Tab to increase your fan base. A reveal tab is an easy tool to compel users toclick“Like” and become a fan, by offering immediate reward for their action.
  7. If you want your ads to get approved faster, bid high. Facebook responds to your ad submission quicker if you are bidding more.
  8. Utilize Facebook conversion tracking tools. Using these tracking tools, provided by Facebook, you can determine whether your ads are generating a return or incurring losses.
  9. Enthusiastic fans click on your ads more often. Your task as the advertiser is to create an emotional response to your advertisement. You can achieve this by targeting passionate users and depict that passion through your Facebook ad.
  10. You can retain the email addresses of those that visit your website and then track them by using an auto-responder email system such as Aweber.
  11. Take advantage of peer pressure. When a user sees that one of his friends has “Liked” the ad, then the user is more likely to do so.
  12. Offering free videos, eBooks, or eCourses is an excellent way to obtain email addresses, and gain the trust of subscribers to turn them into potential buyers.
  13. Facebook ads service offers you ad visibility customization as well, that allows you to show your ads to people matching your selected specifications. You can target these ads with respect to people’s interests, age, gender, marital status, location, and more.

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