Facebook added the feature to tag people, fan pages and events in your status updates. In this post you will find written steps to tag and also a video explaining how to tag peoples names in Facebook status updates. Here I will share with you how to go about doing it and why it is useful.

1. Here is an example of a status update I recently did that tags people within it.

Status Update Name Tags

2. To do this all you have to do is while typing your status update place the @ sign before the name, fan page, or event you want to tag in your status update. When you do this a drop down will appear and you can select the name, fan page or event. Easy huh?! This is what it will look like on the people’s wall feed that you tagged.

*Notice the ‘tag’ symbol.

Facebook Tagged Names

3. What’s the big deal? Well the cool thing is that your status update will appear on everyone’s wall feed that you tag including yours of course. Same goes for fan page wall feeds and event wall feeds. Pretty sweet!

Enjoy & Make it a great day!