Facebook Ad Image Size Dimensions

Facebook ads are a great way to target people that would be interested in your businesses products or services.  By creating an ad, you can reach people who aren’t connected to your page and recruit more likes.  Those who like your Facebook page are likely to spend twice as much money as those who aren’t connected to your page.  Facebook allows you to create your ads based on specific criteria to make sure you’re reaching your target audience.

For example: Interests, location, gender, marital status, type of cellular device) I would recommend testing multiple ads with various thumbnail images and measure ad performance to see which ads work the best. 

After you’ve figured out the criteria of your ad, you can move on to the design.  Facebook ad dimensions and guidelines are put in place for you to follow in order for your ad to appear correctly.  The ad has to include a headline and text, which is automatically populated by Facebook but can be customized which I highly recommend doing.  The headline can be a maximum of 25 characters and the body text has a maximum of 90 characters.

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The options and rules can be confusing when it comes to social media marketing, but you can focus on having high-quality media that will bring in lots of traffic. Remember that you are attempting to establish your online presence as trustworthy and knowledgeable, so don’t post a lot of fluff and meaningless content and videos. You need to understand your audience to get the most from your media postings.

Any comments left on the Facebook page should be replied to immediately. This is especially true for any negative comments. You might be able to change people’s opinions, or you could just show how respectable your company is. Respond promptly, as well.

Make sure as many people as possible see your content. It is necessary to produce strong content and get it posted on every social network you have. Also, consider posting your work on sites like HubPages, Associated Content and other sites that offer you visibility. Read the rest of this entry

Top 13 Facebook Advertising Tips and Tricks

With the increase in consumer usage of all social networks, many opportunities for marketing emerge. Astute businesses must grab these opportunities to connect with their existing customers and draw in new ones. Facebook remains the most prized and most utilized form of social marketing, and for good reason.

Facebook has a gigantic user base, and millions of businesses use this to expand the reach of their advertising. Because it allows businesses to reach potential customers quickly and efficiently, in a place they already spend time, Facebook makes an ideal marketing platform. Successful Facebook ad campaigns must do more than reach the customers, though; they must establish a connection between those customers and the brand.

Before deciding to run a Facebook ad campaign, you have to carefully weigh the costs against the projected results. The skyrocketing costs of advertising can easily kill the effectiveness of the campaign. Many businesses make amateur mistakes, throwing their money away and ruining their business. The following advertising tricks can help you avoid these blunders and get the most of your advertising budget.  Read the rest of this entry

Using Facebook to Grow Your Small Business

I’ll admit, at times, I feel a bit addicted to Facebook. Personally, it’s my way to stay connected with family and friends all over the world. Professionally, it’s a way for me to learn about new trends, keep fresh within my industry and network. What I love most about this social media platform is that it levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes. Facebook is for everyone, even the small business owner. Facebook is a place where we can all compete for that piece of the perverbial pie.

Last month, I presented a Facebook workshop for small businesses (http://www.slideshare.net/MelissaHarrison/using-facebook-to-promote-your-business-12671710), providing ideas and examples of how to use Facebook to grow your small business. Setting up a small business Facebook page gives you access to reach an untapped audience with eye-popping graphics and pictures, personalized icons and milestone markers to share your small business’ triumphs.

Below are my top three tips for using Facebook to grow your small business:

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How To Organize Social Media Content

It can be overwhelming to keep your social media content organized and even more so, to figure out where and how to start. Here are my 5 quick tips for keeping your social media content organized:

Step 1: Establish goals

Anyone that has done business with me or even talked social media with me will know that I’m a huge proponent of setting goals. Rather than just blanket your social media content in every-and-all spaces, really think about what you’re trying to accomplish and how you’ll measure your goals.

Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Increase Facebook likes (and if so, what will you do with them once you’ve reigned them in?) Show yourself as an expert in your industry?

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Thinking About Social Media Marketing?

Have you heard the buzz about Social Media Success Summit 2012–the web’s largest online social media marketing conference? http://bit.ly/ImWGaS

Before I tell you how this virtual summit will help your business gain more exposure, increase traffic, cultivate loyal fans and increase sales, let me share a story with you.

Proof social media marketing works:

In October 2009, Michael Stelzner started Social Media Examiner, a blog for marketers and small business owners. Almost overnight, his site became one of the top business blogs in the world.

He didn’t advertise, didn’t rely on the press and almost none of his traffic came from search engines.

Now, after two years, he has 600,000 unique people visit his site monthly, more than 132,000 email subscribers and 80,000 Facebook fans. His site has become one of the top 1000 in the United States.

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5 Tips For Using Pinterest For Business

It’s no secret that Pinterest is the latest and greatest in the realm of social media. In January 2012, Pinterest drove more referral traffic than Google +, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. So what does this mean for your business’ social media strategy? Though Pinterest does not have dedicated “fan pages” like Facebook, or “company pages” like LinkedIn, it’s still a great way to develop your brand on online and connect with consumers in a unique and creative way.

Here are 5 tips for using Pinterest for business:

1. Stay True to You Brand: As a company, you should be well aware of your brand image and what that looks like. Make sure that your boards and pins relate to the kind of company you are and enhance that image. For example, a company that sells athletic shoes probably shouldn’t be pinning photos of stilettos and runway models. Read the rest of this entry